April 21, 2023

2023-05-15 | 20:46:53

"Ross came and pumped out my septic tank but he had to locate it first. Afterwards, he drew a better diagram of the tank's location than the original home builder had make it easier for the next time it's pumped. Also, communication from Sandy was excellent. Overall, it was excellent service!"
December 10, 2022

2023-01-04 | 20:29:41

"This company came out and pumped our septic this last fall. Nothing but great things to say. The office lady was VERY friendly and helpful. Communicative and efficient. Ross was not only friendly and on time. He was efficient, VERY knowledgeable, and EXTREMELY thorough. Was able to not only do the job but also make sure the drains were working correctly. I will be recommending and using this company again."
September 26, 2022

Phillip Mohr | 2022-09-23 15:49:44

"Thanks so much Ross for your excellent work. Your always very always timely from my call & in a couple days your here. We've never used anyone else. Thanks again Phil Mohr Interlochen "
September 19, 2022

2022-10-31 | 22:46:08

"Needed a septic system pump out. Mrs. Clark was very nice making the appointment. Mr. Clark was very nice and very efficient in his work. He explained what he needed to do and did it professionally. Pleasant experience."
July 18, 2022

Dan | 2022-07-12 20:19:47

"Sandy and Ross are very helpful and professional. Suggestions were made how best to handle my septic system economically. You can’t beat Clark!"